Ep:60 Whitney Marin - "The Art of Storytelling"

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I don’t have scientific numbers to back this up, but I would wager that Paris might be one of the top 5 cities in the world when it comes to a location being the backdrop for an expat related movie or show..  Seriously, there are quite a few. 

An American in Paris.  Before Sunset. Even Pixar’s Ratatouille and the aptly-titled Emily in Paris are all set in the City of Light.

It seems to be the go to spot for creating the atmosphere  for – a young person (or animated cartoon) who wants to move to a new city in a new country to chase a dream.

And that could be Whitney Marin’s story.   A few years removed from college, she left New York to pursue her dreams of working in film and art in France.  She’s currently an International Sales Assistant at ARTE France,  and she previously worked as an Associate Producer with boutique production companies, Tru Films and Critical Findings. 

In 2021, Whitney launched current, an innovative bilingual web series and podcast, featuring conversations between millennials about the global state of our society.

In this episode, Whitney shares how studying abroad experiences in France and India solidified her goal to continue her dreams in the film industry abroad. She discusses her experiences as an au pair that got her in the country and the eventual transition into the art industry .She also dives deep into nuances of storytelling in her adopted home and her motivation for launching the series, current.

Now let’s be clear, even living in Paris has its ups and downs, but for Whitney, she’s definitely living her dream.

  • How studying abroad in Paris and Mumbai  solidified her decision to move abroad
  • Her reverse gap year experience working an au pair
  • The differences in French storytelling versus American storytelling
  • The inspiration behind developing Current and is shaped the final product

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