Episode 47: Vernon Lindsay- "Site Unseen"

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In 2017, we featured Gabriella Lindsay on The Black Expat. Long before this podcast came into existence, all of my interviews were shared on the website.

If you were to read it, you’d know that Gabriella at the time was living in Mexico with her husband, Vernon and three very young children.  This Chicago family was very early into their expat experience  and Gabby shared how they were adjusting to life in the country.

Fast forward five years later, when I decided to interview Vernon  for this podcast.  Not only was it a way to catch up on what the Lindsay family has been up to, but it was also an opportunity to understand the abroad from Vernon’s perspective.

Vernon and his family are now in Antigua and Barbuda  where they have been living  since 2018  as a result of his position as a professor at the American University of Antigua School of Medicine.  

From the outside looking in,  it may seem like their story has been smooth sailing, going from one beautiful location to another.  But the reality is moving abroad definitely has ups and downs.  In this episode, Vernon shares how a trip to Africa planted the early seeds of a future overseas life. He recounts how an unexpected family tragedy hastened the decision to follow that dream. And he unabashedly shares the challenges as well as the benefits to leaving your home for the unknown. 

Resilience is a great trait to have when you’re stepping out in faith and Vernon clearly has it in spades.


A trip to Africa that  influenced a future life abroad

The family tragedy that led to Mexico

The realities of trying to be a content creator

How he uses his interests and talents to support his students


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