Ep:71 Vangile Makwakwa - 'From Generation to Generation"

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TW: This episode discusses mental health, depression and suicide ideation. 

Vangile Makwakwa is on a mission. The South African native wants to help others, particularly women of color, deal with their relationship with money to create the lives they want.

But as you can imagine with any mission, it is deeply personal.

 Vangile is a full time entrepreneur, author and founder of wealthy-money.com,  a company that helps women of color heal from ancestral money trauma so they can fall in love with their bank accounts, increase income and live their best lives.   She is  the host of 2 podcasts: The Money Magic Podcast and The Property Magicians Podcast an A to Z guide to property investingVangile is also the chairperson of the Property Magicians Stokvel, which has over 100 members, invests in properties and raised R2 million (US$150,000) in the first 5 months of its launch in August 2021.

She has been traveling for 15 years and has lived in over 12 different countries and has been building her company as she goes.

In this episode, Vangile shares how financial debt put her on the path to build the multiple  income streams and projects she has active today. She shares how she has to prioritize mental wellness  after dealing with depression. She also discusses why she believes in the power of Black women investing as part of their communities, especially  on the African continent.

Her story is a good one and a powerful one.  But please be aware, this is episode talks touches on mental health and suicide ideation. 

  • The reason she prioritizes mental health
  • How having $60,000 in debt changed her professional trajectory.
  • Why she believes healing from trauma is necessary in finding  a healthy  financial path
  • Her passion for helping African women invest in their  communities

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