The Global Chatter (2023)

Be A Guest on the Show!

Thank you for your interest in being a guest on The Global Chatter Podcast.

 The Global Chatter Podcast is an ongoing conversation that focuses on international mobility, identity, race, career and more, as it relates to Black and Brown people.The show answers the core question — How has living abroad (or having a cross-cultural life) impacted your life? 

If you haven’t listened to an episode before,  here are some episodes  you may want to listen to a few episodes to get the vibe.

Sample Listening Episodes:

S2.E15 – “The Water We Swim In” || Nunana Nyomi

S3.E6  – “Main Character Syndrome” || Christine Job

Generally, we are looking for guests who:

-have a cross-cultural background or lifestyle. This includes expats, immigrants, third culture and cross culture kids, international adoptees, migrants, refugees and global nomads.

-identify as Black or Brown [this includes biracial and multiracial individuals], are a part of a Black/Brown interracial/multiracial family unit or doing work that impacts diverse populations of the internationally mobile.

– are comfortable communicating story or perspective in English. 

If this is you,  complete the guest form.

Please note: Submission does not guarantee your request will be accepted. If you are a good match for the show, we will follow up via email. 

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