The Expat Files: Tanique Edwards


Name: Tanique Edwards

Where you can find Tanqiue : Instagram.

Nationality: Jamaican

Current Host Country: Barbados

Years Abroad:  1 +

Years in Current Location: 1+

Occupation: Teller

Tanique Expat Files 2023


I moved to my current country because: It has always been an interest of mine to experience life (living and working) outside of Jamaica. After doing my research, I realize that Barbados is the perfect place within the region for me to take the next step in my career because:
●It has a solid infrastructure (good road and reliable public transportation, strong banking system and stable currency and good telecommunication.
● Large expat group and friendly locals
● Relatively low crime rate.

The three things you need to make it here is:

From an expat point of view
● A good paying job because cost of living is quite high
● Affordable housing
● Good friends, so you have to be friendly.

The Best thing about living in my host country has been:
The food, at first it was a bit of culture shock. When I visited restaurants back home in Jamaica the menu would highly likely be fry chicken, curry goat, oxtail, pork, beef served mainly with rice and peas. However here in Barbados you will see cream banana, breadfruit cou cou, buttered cassava, cream yam. I find it more humble and traditional and I really live it.


My favorite experience living here has been… I really appreciate how easy it is to get from point A to point B due to the size of the country. Back home in Jamaica I had to drive for over an hour to get to school/ work.

If you’re considering living here, you need to leave this at home :  LEAVE YOUR CAMO AT HOME.
It’s illegal to wear ANY form of camouflage on the island. This print is reserved strictly for the Barbados Defence Force and makes it easy to identify them. Technically, you could be fined or jailed for this offense, so I recommend leaving all camo clothing and accessories home.

The biggest lesson I learned as an expat is...
I have learnt that I can do things that I never thought I could do.

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