Name: Clementine Affana

Where you can find Clementine: Website, Twitter & Instagram.

Nationality: Cameroonian

Current Host Country: Dominica

Previous Locations: USA

Years Abroad:  12

Years in Current Location: 10

Occupation: Medical Doctor & Travel Blogger

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I moved to my current country because: I wanted to study medicine and have a different experience studying abroad – one that is not the traditional “European” or “North American experience” that is so common coming from Africa.

The three things you need to make it here is: Patience, love for nature & support.

The Best thing about living in my host country has been:
...discovering myself, achieving my own personal and financial independence & learning life values that I would not have learned if I was not immersed in this culture.





My favorite experience living here has been…Being welcomed by the locals with open arms, and no strings attached. Dominica has been the one country where I felt like I was home away from home.

If you’re considering living here, you need  to leave this behind: A fixed mindset and your comfort zone. Dominica is the nature island where you go and explore!

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The biggest lesson I learned as an expat is...
to be open to learning more about the host culture.

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