The Expat Files: Asha Farrah

Name: Asha Farrah

Occupation: Expat Strategist

Passport Country: USA

Current Country: Mexico

How long have you lived in your present country?: Nearly 2 years

How many years have you lived abroad total?: Nearly 2 years

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I moved to my current country because: I wanted to live an intentional life where I could thrive. I wanted a life that would allow me to place a higher value on wellness, joy, kindness, clean eating, discovery, and adventure.

The three things you need to make it here is: A sense of adventure, an optimistic mindset
& Spanish.

The Best thing about living in my host country has been:
the learning expansion. My mind is currently transformed as all my senses feel fully awakened living in Mexico.




My favorite experience living here has been…discovering how Mexican culture permeates differently through all 32 states. Traveling through Mexico is such a unique adventure in so many ways from the landscapes, foods, beaches, museums and more.

If you’re considering living here, you need to leave this at home :The idea that everyone is out to get you. The natives of Mexico are kind and frequently invite you for the once in a lifetime opportunity to experience their rich culture.

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The biggest lesson I learned as an expat is...
Living in Mexico has afforded me the opportunity to meet the kindest people that have invited me into their rich culture and I'm forever changed by it.

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