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The Expat Files: Alisa Jordan


Name: Alisa Jordan

Where you can find Alisa : Website 

Nationality: British

Current Host Country: Germany

Previous Locations: Spain

Years Abroad:  6

Years in Current Location: 5

Occupation: Marketing

Black Woman in front of mountains
Image: Alisa Jordan


I moved to my current country because:  I wanted to improve my language skills and get out of my comfort zone.

The three things you need to make it here is: Independence, Flexibility and an Openness to learn the language.

The Best thing about living in my host country has been:
Learning how to enjoy my own company and set boundaries.



My favorite experience living here has been…As a Londoner I never felt in touch with nature. Now I have it on my doorstep.

If you’re considering living here, you need to leave this at home: Being overly sensitive to people telling you how they really feel about something.

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Image: Alisa Jordan

The biggest lesson I learned as an expat is...
Valuing having my family nearby. I’m abroad but they are just a one-hour flight away. I’ve been extremely lucky with this during the pandemic. It’s also made me realise that I’m not fussed about material things, as long as I can be with my family when I need to be.

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