The Black Expat Files: Michael Ashanti

Name: Michael Ashanti

Occupation: Self Employed/Entrepreneur

Passport Country: United Kingdom and originally United States (before renunciation)

Current Country: Spain

How long have you lived in your present country?: 3 years

Where else abroad have you lived?: Panama, Germany, UK, Netherlands

How many years have you lived abroad total?: 15 years

Michael - 800 x 533 (1)


I moved to my current country because: Improved quality of life.

The three things you need to make it here is: Language — you need to have some ability to speak the (local) language.  Patience — the concept of fast and friendly customer service does not translate here. From restaurants to getting electricity to changing your address, everything happens more slowly and/or requires more steps to complete Understanding Local Culture and Mindset — what may trigger us as being rude or irritating in our upbringing may be normal/casual behavior in another culture.

The Best thing about living in my host country has been:
the ease of travel to other parts of Europe and Globally In addition, also being at ease as someone who is also part of the same gender loving community.

Michael - 800 x 533


My favorite experience living here has been…More time outdoors and the availability of fresh food.

If you’re considering living here, you need to leave this at home:The trauma and reality of systemic racism as experienced in America does not translate elsewhere. While racism exists everywhere, there are encounters you may have that more to do with your nationality, culture or just a foreigner rather than being based on the color of your skin

The biggest lesson I learned as an expat is...
That it is possible to thrive, live peacefully and be at ease with yourself outside of the confines of the United States.

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