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Episode 48: Tamkara Adun - "The Stories of Our Ancestors"

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At the heart of almost every expat story is the opportunity for reinvention. Depending on how you make your moves, you can get a fresh start. New country. New people. Maybe even a new job. And the opportunity is right there to make the changes you’ve always wanted to, if only you’re willing.

But reinvention can be even more pressing for the accompanying partner. Because they, too, might have to get on that change wagon–and sometimes not by choice.  Not only are they preparing for the new location, but often have to upend their careers, to make this move work.

And that was the case for Tamkara Adun.   She and her family left their native Nigeria for the Netherlands when her husband received his first expat assignment. 

So what did the former HR professional do?  She decided that she would focus on  the positive opportunities to  create a new life in their host country. And in process, she would also build a brand that is partially an ode to her children and their Nigerian heritage.

In this episode, Tamkara talks about her professional and personal reinvention. She explains why she built Odunife and its foundational focus to affirm African history, culture and languages.  She discusses the key role  Nigerian expat communities have played in helping her family adjust,  especially, early in their expat journey. .  And she and I spend more than enough time talking about West African cuisines and the similarities we see across the region.

And while Tamkara has traded the Dutch tulips for the Qatari desert, you’ll hear why she is definitely a mother of reinvention. 


Why she thinks Senegal warrants a visit

How she found community during her first expat assignment

The personal meaning behind her brand Odunife

Why there is a need for African-centered perspectives


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