Episode 41: Roxanne Munson - "Adjust, Pivot & Engage"

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Early into this episode, I noticed that there was something deeply introspective about Roxanne Munson.  I suppose if you looked at her work as a photographer, the signs are all there, in the subjects she chooses to capture and share. But the evidence was even greater in our conversation as she beautifully weaved the ongoing chronicles of her life. 

Her story, like many others this season, starts in the Caribbean. She was born in St. Croix to Antiguan parents  and as a young child relocated to Texas.  That point alone would be interesting enough as she tells  how much of her Black identity was shaped by having immigrant parents as well as spending some of her early years in a predominantly Black environment. 

But that’s only the starting place of a life that travels through Oklahoma,  California, Japan, Ohio, Mexico and now Panama.  In this episode, Roxanne discusses what it means to reinvent yourself and your career in a new location a couple times over. She delves into raising and preparing her Black  American Third Culture Kids for college and life when they return to their passport country.  We talk about the importance of knowing confidently who you are when entering unfamiliar spaces. 

Everyone’s story is different and wholly their own. But the beauty of listening to different experiences is that you can find commonalities and I’m  pretty sure you might find at least one thread in the fabric of Roxanne’s that you just might identify with. 

  • Relocating to Texas as a young child after spending her earliest years in the Caribbean
  • The key conversation with a fellow expat that helped her step up her photography game
  • Recognizing the changes that happen when you return to your home country after being abroad
  • Understanding how the corporate expat can differ from other expat expat experiences
  • Having true allies that speak up and fight on the behalf of marginalized
  • Preparing Black daughters for returning to American life for college and beyond

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