Episode 19: Omo & Eulanda Osagiede- "Telling an Authentic Story

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I have had the fun privilege of watching the rise of Hey, Dip Your Toes In.  If you aren’t aware, it’s a travel and food platform that essentially tells cultural stories.  The site, which was launched by Omo and Eulanda Osagiede became an outgrowth of what they had already been doing anyways — documenting their travels for friends and family on social media. If you haven’t visited their  platforms, you’re in for a treat.  They take some of the best (and fun) looking photos around.

Which is exactly how they started their brand. Once it became apparent that others might be interested, the site was launched in 2015 and has been growing ever since.   And I was lucky to catch them very early on in their launch.  In March 2016, I interviewed how Eulanda, who originally is from the U.S. and Omo, who hails from Nigeria, made their cross-cultural love work in their adopted home of London.   The Black Expat was only a month into it’s a public instance so we  were also just figuring out our brand.

 Which is why it was fun to catch with them now. 

While Eulanda might say they were “faking the funk” back then, you can decidedly and confidently call them digital marketers and travel influencers now. As you can expect, after the year that was 2020, we have a discussion on how it became the year of pivot.  Like everyone in their industry, Omo and Eulanda share how their business changed and the need to go back to the basics.  They also give some candid insight on the real life business of being travel content creators and dispels some common misconceptions about what it takes — everything from time to compensation.

There’s also a candid conversation surrounding living in the United Kingdom  while social and political unrest happens at home.  Omo gives his thoughts on the Nigerian END SARS movement while Eulanda reflects on the impact of the George Floyd protests. 

These two are pretty authentic storytellers and I hope you’ll enjoy their insight. 

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Black Couple Enjoying Wine Outside

What led to the launch of Hey, Dip Your Toes In

How they pivoted from their travel content during Covid-19

Using creativity as self-care during

The reality of being a brand ambassador 

Using cultural background to tell stories from a place of authenticity

Perspectives on End SARS and George Floyd protests in home nations, respectively.

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