Episode 31: Nunana Nyomi - "The Water We Swim In"

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One of the best things about speaking with Nunana Nyomi was discussing the shared experiences of being Third Culture Kids.  As someone who was a Third Culture Kid, currently raising TCKs and does work to support them — Nunana clearly understands and gets it.

His story as you would expect is an interesting one. He’s the son of a Pastor whose work took the family to three continents. It shouldn’t be surprising, then, that Nunana has his own internationally focused career, which currently has him and his family in the Netherlands, where he works  for a non-profit organization that supports international schools.   

This is important because much of our discussion is about confronting the lack of diversity that often shows up in what should be assumed  across cultural spaces.  He shares his personal observations working and living abroad in the international education space. He discusses the hard conversations that have happened in his own life around diversity, inclusion and equity.   But before we get to that, he talks of his mobile upbringing  from living in Kenya to attending boarding school in the UK, and all the moves in between.  Those experiences had an impact on how he engages both his life and his work. And you’ll get to hear that all in this episode.

  • How he became an international higher education professional
  • The moment he found out he was a Third Culture Kid
  • The value in challenging international schools to have hard conversations about diversity & equity
  • The difficult conversation he had with his supervisor in the George Floyd aftermath
  • Why cross-cultural perspectives are needed to address global concerns

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