Episode 30: Mundey Young - "The Life Worth Creating"

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When you move abroad, you often find yourself having to  be really open to change. At least if you want a successful experience.  New location. New people. New opportunities often require it.  This isn’t easy for everyone, because, quite frankly, most of us are used to our lives having a certain rhythm.   But when you decide to leave the comfort of what you know, you  have to find a new beat to keep it moving. 

Without a doubt, Mundey Young is the embodiment of this.  She is someone who has had a fascinating global life that has been motivated in part by curiosity , opportunity and fearlessness. Mundey’s story starts with her multicultural  childhood in Los Angeles but as you will  hear, it will quickly become an international one.  An Air Force veteran, Mundey moved to Europe in 2001 literally before the September 11th attacks,  and has never looked back.  

From the United Kingdom to Australia, to her adopted home of France, in every location, Mundey’s had to lean in recreate an adaptable version of herself.   In this episode, we talk alot about that process — how she found career opportunities,  community and relationships, to build a life that works for her. We even  discuss how  answering a job ad from  a well known astrologer that led her into entrepreneurship  as well as the key advice she gives all  her expat coaching clients.  

Marseille is the place she’s called home for the past few years…Spoiler alert — it may have to do with the daily view of the  Mediterranean). 

We go down quite a few rabbit holes….but trust me, it’s worth the colorful trip.

  • How growing up in multicultural LA prepared her for life abroad
  • Explains how focusing on her skillset helped her pivot professionally
  • Shares how she position herself to find the right opportunities
  • How she helps her clients adjust and thrive while living abroad
  • What she loves about living in France

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