Ep:66 Marcus Sawyerr - "Finding the Right Spaces"

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Life is a journey, right. Often, when we start, we can’t anticipate the twists and detours coming. Take past guest Tamkara Adun, who spent much of her life in Nigeria until a family decision moved her abroad. And with that move she  eventually launched Odunife, a multimedia platform with the focus of sharing African histories and cultures.  Or Mundey Young, whose journey  led her to living in multiple countries, before settling into her current life in France, where she uses her experiences and insider knowledge to help others figure out how to live and thrive abroad.

So in that sense, Marcuss Sawyerr’s story fits right in.  If you’d ask Marcus’  younger self, what would he be doing as a career, I imagine he probably would’ve said something related to football. This is not surprising given his trajectory as a young person growing up in London.   And he certainly started on those plans, but life has a way of changing things around.

Marcus rose from a recruiting expert at Careerbuilder.com to become a global Fortune 500 Executive at The Adecco Group. He’s been ranked in the top 100 most influential industry leaders by Staffing Industry analysts. As the Founder of EQ Community, he has activated a tribe of the top 1% of leaders that connects executives seeking meaningful work with inclusive firms ready to cultivate a diverse workforce.

In this episode, Marcus shares how  he got into the corporate world when his football career plans took a detour. He explains why diversity, equity and inclusion strategies have to be nuanced depending on mission, needs and location – and why his brand EQ Community exists.  He also gives his observations as to why building a business and finding opportunities look different in the US than it does in Great Britain.

In the midst of this, we have a great conversation about what a community can look like.

  • How an unlikely position at L.A. Fitness (in the UK) changed his career path
  • Why he created  EQ Community  to support multicultural professionals
  • What travelling and working internationally has taugh him about building diversity focused strategies in the corporate world.
  • The difference in finding and creating opportunities in the US. vs the UK

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