Ep: 73 Kevin Simpson - "Calling It Out & Calling It In"

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If you were to ask me how long I’ve known Kevin Simpson, it literally feels like forever. 

He has been a contributor and supporter of The Black Expat for a long time.  I’ve had the privilege of speaking at several events he has hosted over the years.  And he’s almost always the first person I think of and reach out to when  I need insight on issues related to diversity, inclusion, international schools and educating third culture kids. But in reality, I first met him in 2020 in the aftermath of what proved to be a pivotal year, when it seemed the work we were both doing intersected.

Kevin is a teacher, advocate, community builder and a leader. 

He is the founder of  Association of International Educational Leaders of Color (also known as AIELOC), which is devoted to amplifying the work of international educators and leaders of color with a focus on advocacy, learning, and research. 

Kevin launched the organization in 2017 after a colleague shared her experiences  on Facebook of being discouraged from applying for a leadership position at an international school due her race and country of origin not matching  expectations.  It was from that story that a vibrant engaged global community was formed and has since spawned international conferences, mentorship and fellowship programs, a recruitment service and more.

In this episode, you’ll hear about his early years in Flint, Michigan and how his career interests took a detour in college. You will hear about a coveted and unlikely internship in Washington, DC laid the groundwork and skills for the advocacy work he does now. And he’ll also share why he is out to disrupt and dismantle the systems that gatekeep.

If there’s one thing you’ll get from Kevin, it’s absolute realness and inability to hold bac

  • The college internship opportunity that changed his career pathway
  • Why international schools need to push for more inclusion and diversity
  • His personal experiences living in Laos
  • What he has planned for the future for AIELOC and his consulting brand

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