Ep:53 Kentia McLemore - "A Memory's Worth"

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Careers and employment are  popular topics  these days. For many people,  the pandemic definitely has shifted how we think about employment, quality of life and even work culture.  Millions of people suddenly had the collective experience of having to either learn how to do work from home or  change how they work in the office, in what seemed like a moment’s notice. For the first time,  it seemed we had a chance to reflect on both our personal and work priorities.

And some of us decided to go after them, especially for expat jobs abroad. . It is almost like we’re in the era of the great Career Change. 

If that’s the case, Kentia McLemore will probably stay busy for the foreseeable future.

Kentia is a Career Strategy Coach who spent 16 years as a human resources professional. However, while as an expat, she has been using her experience to provide career advice for female professionals at all levels and in a variety of industries with  her brand,  Targeted Fit

In this episode, Kentia discusses how the American Dream isn’t always what it seems and what happened when she and her husband decided to figure out what comes next after you achieve it.  We also chat about her identity as a biracial woman and the occasionally humorous cultural assumptions that  she has faced.  Kentia, ever the career coach, also provides helpful tips for those who are seeking to work overseas and a reality check on some of the potential obstacles. 

Kentia uses her insider knowledge on how companies run to help clients pursuing professional transitions. It definitely helps that Kentia has been through a few herself.

  • Her childhood growing up in Texas and first experiences going abroad
  • Dealing with both racial and cultural assumptions as a biracial woman
  • How her experiences as a human resource professional prepared her to launch Targeted Fit
  • The common mistakes she sees jobseekers make and the tips to help future expats find jobs abroad

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