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Episode 46: Karla Fraser - "Education Is A Weapon"

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If you have followed the Black Expat for a while, you might know that Karla Fraser is a familiar voice. She’s been writing and contributing to the site for the past two years.  What you may not know is that I’ve known Karla for a hot minute.  I met her back in 2016 on a trip to Singapore.  A colleague of mine knew I was heading to the nation and recommended  I meet up with this contact of hers. 

At the time Karla, a student affairs professional, was working at a university  in Singapore and we quickly connected on our similar careers in higher education.

And while Qatar was my first time working in education abroad, Karla, I quickly learned, was not new to it at all.  After years working at American institutions, she transitioned her student affairs career to an international one  that has taken her to places as different as Dominica, Afghanistan, Niger and the aforementioned Singapore to name a few.

It is with that valuable experience and knowledge, that Karla launched Roseapple Global, a boutique consulting firm that focuses on offering support to international universities on student affairs protocols as well as guiding higher education professionals who are ready to take their careers overseas.

In this episode, Karla will share how her early cross-cultural years set her up for the incredibly vibrant international experiences she’s had as an adult.  She describes her purpose and why it is always in the center of her professional choices.  She also addresses some of the challenges and why she built Roseapple Global.

I always joke that Karla has been everywhere…at least if it’s warm. And by the end of  this episode, you just might feel the same.


How her early years as a TCK laid the groundwork for international life as an adult

How the LSAT thwarted her plans as a future attorney

How she ended up at the American University of Afghanistan

Why she built Roseapple Global and why the need exists

Tips for future student affairs professionals searching for jobs abroad


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