Ep:56 Joyce Barr - "Retired By Design"

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A few years back, I interviewed  Devon and Lawanson Austin, who were a California couple that had decided to retire and move to Costa Rica. They shared their decision making process and why they wanted to spend much of their time living abroad. For me, it opened a portal — because while  I’m admittedly far from retirement — it was inspiring to see a Black couple who made the leap.

And I became intrigued. Right now, it’s estimated that about 12% of Americans have retired abroad. I believe it because the interest is only growing. The desire to be in a location with decent weather while letting your retirement dollars go further is pretty appealing. 

Which is why Joyce Barr is this week’s guest. Joyce is the founder of BLAST! Tours & Coaching, an all-inclusive service that sets Baby Boomers on a life-changing course through retirement coaching to live abroad.  Joyce leans both on her training and experience as a ..well, a Boomer who has retired abroad. In her case, that would be Panama. 

In this episode, you will hear Joyce’s story which starts in the Midwest before building a successful career in California and Georgia.  You’ll hear how and when she decided to pack up her house, business and life to launch a new one in Central America. She also discusses the needs she sees with her coaching practice and how she serves those who want to retire abroad.

Many of us dream of retiring — especially somewhere warm with the beach nearby — Joyce clearly has been brave enough to actually do it.


  • How her childhood premonition set her up to live abroad.
  • Describes the exact moment when she knew it was time to quit her business.
  • How she was able to identify the financial resources to live abroad
  • Why the retiree is her ideal candidate

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