Ep:57 Jori Davis - "Unguarded"

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At some point, every young athlete thinks about going pro. And why not. When you have the skill, talent and ability that is recognized, you’re going to want to advance into that small elite group of those who continue beyond the junior level.  It’s been noted that less than 1% will go from the collegiate level to the pros in the United States. Practically, it means that it is highly competitive for those who want to extend their playing careers.  So unsurprisingly, many athletes look to compete overseas. 

While athletes in many sports play abroad, it is estimated that almost half of the WNBA players play overseas. And with the unfortunate circumstances of Britney Griner’s story, it seems more folks realized just how many overseas athletes there are. And the benefits are big.  Beyond being able to continue a sports career, and the opportunity to see the world,  it can be financially beneficial. In 2022, the maximum WNBA  base salary is close to $223,000 with the minimum being  roughly $61,000. Players can sometimes make much more than that by playing in leagues around the world. 

And this is why this week’s guest is Jori Davis. Jori is a professional basketball player who has played internationally including in Greece, Spain, Switzerland, Italy, Israel and  Romania.  She is also the founder of Wevolv, an online brand created to combat the imbalance between the athlete and commercial side of the industry.  Jori uses her platforms, including her podcast Unguarded, to underscore the experiences of overseas athletes and dispel the myths of what it takes to make it to the top of their game.

Jodi’s work centers on making sure the athlete’s voice and interests are always at the forefront of the conversation. And when you hear her speak, you’ll just understand why.

  • Her journey from young athlete to professional athlete
  • The common reasons why professional athletes play abroad
  • Why player education is important for young athletes 
  • The transition of playing in different countries and leagues

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