Strategy sessions are 1 hour recorded events with actionable steps related to moving and living abroad. All live sessions are free and available for 24 hours immediately after the event for registered participants. Topics are selected by newsletter subscribers. Paid access is available after 24 hours after event concludes.

How Do I Build My Digital Business Framework?

Starting your own digital business can offer flexibility and freedom while you live abroad. But how do you know if your idea is viable? Business strategist and Flourish in the Foreign host, Christine Job will share practical strategies to help you find and develop your digital business idea.

How Do I Start Researching My Move Abroad?

Thinking about going abroad but don't know where to start? Here 8 specific research topics with actionable steps to help future expats start planning their move abroad.

How To Prepare For Tax Season As An American Abroad

Tax preparer MaCara Santiago discuss the tools entrepreneurs should use to stay on top of their finances, the financial responsibilities needed to fulfill while American expats go abroad and some of the tax credits that digital nomads might be eligible for.
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