Ep52: Dr. Nafeesah Allen - "Black In Motion"

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Dr. Nafeesah Allen is a busy lady. She is a multi-lingual author, independent researcher, content strategist, and contributing writer to various national publications.

She’s also a wife, mother and oh yeah, a U.S. diplomat, currently on assignment in South America.  So to say she’s keeping busy might be more than understatement. 

Nafeesah has over 15 years of experience working in government communications and team-building roles on four continents. She has worked with funders, founders, and businesses to offer messaging and brand marketing strategies that center audience identity, moral imperatives, and executive transparency. And if that is not enough, she has used her writing skills  to create a multilingual children’s book that was influenced by her experience parenting her young third culture kids.

In this episode, Nafeesah shares her story of growing up in New Jersey and defines how her natural curiosity has defined both her professional training and choices. You’ll hear why she created the Black History Bookshelf, which focuses on Black global history.  And she also unpacks how she and her husband navigate cross-cultural dynamics within their own family structure. 

So I’m so glad you get to hear Nafeesah because she is truly a gifted communicator. She is deeply reflective and has this amazing way of threading her own story within the greater conversations on Black migrations, cultures and languages. 

Note:  Dr. Allen is speaking in her personal capacity and her views do not reflect the ideas or policies of the U.S. government.

  • The classroom incident that happened in middle school that caused personal reflection
  • Why she finds Black migration histories relevant and necessary
  • How she became a global migration scholar
  • The ways she and her husband impart ideals from both of their cultures

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