Ep:68 Dr. Londi Cox - "This Has To Work"

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When it comes to having a career abroad, many of my guests seemed to have planned for the process early. If you remember from the episode with Whitney Marin, you might know  that she entered college with the plans of studying abroad as the eventual steppingstone to living in France to progress her media career.   Or Assil Diab, who grew up  as a third-culture kid , she was almost already destined to study on the U.S. home campus of her college. 

For  Dr. Londi Cox’s route was a little bit different. She knew she wanted to be in a helping profession but it was the encouragement of an academic mentor that led her to taking part in Semester at Sea, that would ultimately spark the international bug. 

Years later,  as a  practicing Child and Family therapist, she opted to take a sabbatical from her job so she learned Spanish in Spain and she hasn’t worked Stateside since. 

With a Doctorate Degree in International Psychology, Londí has studied the field  across 18 different countries throughout North and South America, Europe, Africa and Asia to be able to provide culturally contextual interventions for the populations she serves.  She has over 10 years of experience providing culturally competent therapy to individuals, couples, families and groups living and traveling abroad. 

In this episode, Londi highlights her career pathway of leaving a job she loved to finding opportunities that allowed her to work in mental health in  international settings. She discusses some of the common challenges she sees amongst expat and traveler clients.  Londi also shares what she thinks make her relatable to those she serves. 


The role  Semester at Sea and the MTV show Road Rules played in her going studying abroad

How she balanced working and pursuing an international doctorate in abroad across various time zones

The ways she was able to leverage her professional  skill set while working as an au pair in Spain.

Advice on some of the common challenges facing travellers and expats,


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