Episode 45: Crista W. - " The Richful Thinker"

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Crista  first came on my radar in a manner that many people seem to pop up in my life these days – via social media. Twitter to be exact. 

If you follow her feed, you might know that this Latina is a former banker who now resides in Stockholm, Sweden, where she is pursuing a PhD in Archaeology.

And since I’m always in search of a good story, she was right up my alley. And I wasn’t wrong.

As it turns out, Crista is a former third culture kid, which I discovered in the process, who was raised in the Bahamas before moving to Florida. I would argue moving to Florida is a transition for anyone, much less someone moving from an international location. And especially, northern Florida. In other words, not Miami.

That move led to some challenges, including the discovery that she was suffering from hearing loss.  But despite that discovery, Crista didn’t let that stop her from pursuing her dream opportunities.

In this episode, you will learn more about that transition to the U.S. and the accompanying cultural shock that comes with identity, nationality and ethnicity.  She opens up about her experiences living and traveling as a hearing impaired individual.  She also reveals why she made that change from finance to studying and living in Sweden.  She is a numbers person after all, so you can bet money played a role.  

The  name of her brand is the Richful Thinker and as you will hear, that title is more apt to describe he


In this episode, we discuss:

Navigating a childhood between the Bahamas and the United States.

When she discovered she was hearing impaired and how that impacted her travels.

How she pivoted her career from finance to archaeology.

Her motivation for living creating content focused on finances and living abroad.


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