Karla Fraser

Company: Roseapple Global

Position: Coach


A boutique firm serving expatriates (expats) and higher education institutions.

We provide specialized services in expat career coaching and guidance for individuals or groups.  Our focus is education career professionals seeking to transition their career abroad with an emphasis on higher education.

We also offer to consult for the student-facing units of higher education institutions in emerging and developing nations. Our focus is the administrative and operational areas such as Campus/Student Life and Student Services. 


Through expatriate (expat) life, Karla has sought to merge her passion for global adventures with her international affairs background. Her professional career includes twenty (20) years in higher education administration; ten (10) have been international starting in 2007.

After observing new expat colleagues struggling to thrive aboard, she started her coaching journey by coaching friends and clients globally.  The accumulated years of international experiences and mentoring staff has equipped her with the in-depth knowledge needed to prepare and guide aspiring expats. She provided an engaging, tailored, and collaborative approach with her individual or group clients to ensure progress towards their goals. 

Her story to date includes being a black third culture kid (TCK) shuttling between Jamaica and the USA.  Karla has lived in seven countries (USA, Jamaica, United Arab Emirates, Afghanistan, Commonwealth of Dominica, Singapore, and Bangladesh). Currently, Karla is living and working in Niger. She has worked in six countries and traveled to 50 others for tourism and cultural enrichment. 

In her leisure time, Karla enjoys traveling to beach locations, visiting historical sites, reading movies, creativity in the kitchen, listening to music, and conversing about trending current events.  

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