Episode 49: Christine Job - "Main Character Syndrome"

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Early during the Covid pandemic,  I got a request to be on the  Flourish in the Foreign podcast. I hadn’t heard an episode yet but I was intrigued by the premise, which focused on expatriation and wellness from the point of view of Black women. 

It seemed cool and I agreed. It wasn’t really a common topic and I always enjoy connecting with creators, especially  folks of color.  And that’s how I first met Christine Job, the host.  To hear me and Christine talk now, you’d think we’d known each for forever, because as soon as we’re in the same space, a 20 minute planned conversation ends up being closer to two hours. 

I know part of it is our shared overlapping interests. We’re both podcasters. We both talk about expat lifestyle. We both have deep interests that relate to the Black experience. And we both definitely love to talk about business. So the reality is invariably some combination of all of those topics eventually come up. 

Which is why I’m excited to have Christine in this episode. 

One of things you will realize pretty quickly is how no-sense yet genuine and humorous Christine is.  As a business strategist, she guides her clients in finding their why and then gives them tools to chase after it. 

For the past few years, Christine has been building a life and her business from Spain, and she’s got quite the story to tell. In this episode, you will hear how this lawyer-trained entrepreneur had a few life changing events that sent on a course to Europe. She also discusses why wellness is the hallmark of the work she does.  She also drops some gems on why it’s more important to listen to your purpose and not the haters. 

So, sure this is an interview. And yes, I ask her questions. But honestly, this would most likely be the same type of conversation you’d hear from us on any given day of the week. 


Her first experience in Spain as a college student

Why joining a startup after law school solidified her career path 

Why the expat life isn’t for everyone

The role wellness plays in her coaching and brand


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