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Ep:59 Christopher Squires - "Design the Life You Love"

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I will say that I knew very little about the stories and experiences of overseas athletes until fairly recently.


If you listened to the show a couple episodes back, you’ll know that I did an interview with Jori Davis, who shared her story of becoming a professional basketball player overseas.

Honestly, it was an eye opener for me, because I will readily admit I  didn’t even know how one even got started. 


But one thing that I can say is her episode highlighted just how much it takes for an athlete to move abroad just so that they can continue playing in the sport they love at the highest levels. 


The patience. The trials. The steadfastness. It’s all in the mix. 


And those components that were prominent in Jori’s story are the same in Chris Squires.  Like Jori, Chris  is also a former athlete from Indiana University,  who in his case, played baseball. 


After spending time in the minor and independent leagues, a chance opportunity led to him relocating to Austria, at the edge of the Eastern Alps, where he is currently based today. It’s also where Chris is expanding the platform he founded, Luvet Lifestyle, which is both  a contemporary fashion blog and brand.


In this episode, Chris walks us through the journey he’s been through in order to build both his baseball career and his growing fashion one.  He describes the perseverance of pursuing both pathways and how living in Austria has given him the opportunity to stay tethered to both.  He also underscores the importance of having a plan for what comes next when life can change at any minute. 


Life is rarely a straight path, but as you’ll soon hear, it doesn’t mean you can’t  get to where you’re intending to go. 

  • How his early interest in fashion began
  • How watching his parents influenced his desire for entrepreneurship
  • How his baseball  career pivoted beyond playing
  • The steps he used to launch Luvet

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