Ep:55 Chinique Gordon - "Free & Unbothered"

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It takes a lot to even consider becoming an expat, but it takes even more to make it happen. You have to research the locations,  develop a plan, and  figure out the logistics of making it work. 

It is easy to see the obstacles, with finances  being a common one. amongst them.  How will I make money? Will I have enough to support myself and my family? What about my debt at home? And while, you can certainly move overseas, even if you have debt, it’s not necessarily the path that many people want to take.

That was a sticking point for Chinique Gordon and her husband. They were a young couple living in the United Kingdom who wanted to get more out of life. But they had financial debt that seemed to be a barrier to moving abroad.

So they decided to go after it. 

After clearing over £20,000 of debt in 2 years in March 2018, they quit their jobs & sold almost everything they owned to travel the world with their then 9 month old.  Since then, they’ve been on a lifelong  freedom journey, living in 14 countries so far, challenging the myths and showing Black people that it’s possible to live a purpose-filled life outside of the 9-5, even with young children.

In this episode, Chinique discusses how travel as a young adult had an impact on her desire to live overseas. She talks about the moments she and her husband decided it was time to leave and the strategies they used to get out of debt.  Chi also drops some tips on how her family has built and maintained  income through their various  online businesses, including their YouTube channel, FroFamilyTravels.

If you’re thinking about moving abroad and need some practical  encouragement on how to get rid of your finances in order before you go, this is the episode for you. 

  • The cultural difference between visiting Jamaica as a teen and visiting as an adult
  • How her job became a catalyst for a life change
  • The steps she and her husband took to get rid of debt
  • How her family builds income to fund and support their nomadic lifestyle

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