Woman looking out at mountains

Choosing Costa Rica

My family moved from Columbus, Ohio to Nosara, Costa Rica in 2018. My husband, Colin, was being managed out of his role in the corporate

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Black Man with Hands on Head

Wrestling Identity

This piece was originally published on April 12, 2016. I have not always been “Black.” Before I moved to the United States, I did not

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Black Woman In Front of Camera

The Journey| Ep. 5: Sam

Chef and Culinarian & Co. founder, Sam Chizanga, describes how she made a lane for herself by mixing her passion for cooking and creativity. Though

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Black Man Photgraphing Black Woman outside

The Journey| Ep.4. Eyitemi

Eyitemi Popo, founder of Ayiba Magazine, explains her experience creating and growing a magazine that highlights African news and stories, all while moving between The

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