Post Natal

I was born with a wandering soul. I could never stay still. I was always ready to go explore. By the time I could I

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Vegan Nigerian Chef

The Vegan Nigerian

Tomi Makanjuola is the face behind the Vegan Nigerian, a plant-based chef with a passion for fusion cuisine centered on traditional Nigerian dishes. Born and

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“Without our roots we are nothing.” “Birds of a feather flock together.” “Your history, upbringing and community will shape who you are.” We have all

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Dear Mom & Dad…

Dear Mom and Dad, I want to talk to you about that one night we don’t talk about. The night in college when I called

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Multifacted Blackness

The discovery of my global self has been multifaceted and ongoing. I have a tendency to process experiences in retrospect and this has especially been

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