Woman looking out at mountains

Choosing Costa Rica

My family moved from Columbus, Ohio to Nosara, Costa Rica in 2018. My husband, Colin, was being managed out of his role in the corporate

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Matheus Natan

Blackbird: Sisters in Flight

Black women. We stay on guard. We’re moving through spaces where we’re not welcome. We persist in times of oppression, invisibility, disregard and misunderstanding. We

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Walking The Spirit

If you ask Julia Browne how she came up with the idea for Walking The Spirit Tours, a customized tour company which focuses on Black

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Why Worldschooling?

Before my son was born, I had no idea what Worldschooling was. I knew parents who home-educated their children, but I didn’t know anyone who

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Life, Changing

About six months ago, I returned to my apartment in The Hague with a new sense of uncertainty. This small, one-bedroom apartment, in a city

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Punchlines in Poland

A Black woman walks into a comedy club in Poland… Sounds like the setup to a cheesy, potentially racist joke, right? But it’s no joke.

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