Fatherhood Abroad

This post originally appeared in July 2016. I’ll never forget the moment my wife told me she was pregnant with our first child. We were

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Woman looking out at mountains

Choosing Costa Rica

My family moved from Columbus, Ohio to Nosara, Costa Rica in 2018. My husband, Colin, was being managed out of his role in the corporate

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Why Worldschooling?

Before my son was born, I had no idea what Worldschooling was. I knew parents who home-educated their children, but I didn’t know anyone who

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Post Natal

I was born with a wandering soul. I could never stay still. I was always ready to go explore. By the time I could I

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Black Gold

  When my chocolate nugget was a year old, opportunity knocked and my partner and I picked up our trifecta and moved 3,641 miles away

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