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Book Review Requests & Policy

Thank you for your interest in sharing your work with us. Before you submit a request, please review the following information.

Primary consideration will be given to:

Books written by Black & Brown authors

Books featuring Black/Brown individuals as main characters or focus

Subject matter focused on expatriation, travel or cross cultural living, particularly from a Black or Black biracial/multiracial perspective.      


Nonfiction or fiction works that cover:


Cross-cultural living



We are open to children’s, young adult and adult books.


Accepted Formats

Physical copies

 E-books (Kindle or PDF formats) 

ARC (Advance Reading Copies)

 A final copy of the work must be provided upon acceptance of request. We will not review draft versions. 


If you have a time frame for when you need the review to be posted, please let us know. That will greatly influence whether or not the book will be accepted as we have to consider if we can commit to your timeline.


Submissions will be accepted on a case by case basis. We do not accept paid review offers. All submissions must be in English.


What to Expect

Reviews will be honest and authentic based on the perspective of the reviewer.

We take a strength/weakness approach so that readers have a general idea of what to expect. If we don’t like a book, we might say so (that’s part of the honest aspect)

but we will be respectful. If the possibility of a negative review isn’t your jam, you may not want to send a request.


The review will be available on The Black Expat website. Edited versions may appear on our social media.



Note: Submission doesn’t guaranteed that request has been accepted.

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