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For Prospective Clients

The Black Expat Coaching Directory serves as a trusted resource to help our audience identify an experienced Black Expat Coach to assist with the navigating expat life. We identify knowledgeable professionals with the right experience to guide others in their international endeavors. 

For first time expats, working with a Coach can help clarify the process. If you are anxious or need guidance, a Coach can help you strategize a plan for a successful move. If you have a particular situation (such as a special needs dependent) that requires consideration, the right Coach can help you figure how to navigate.

All coaches undergo an application process that includes submitting past client references. The Black Expat team reviews each Coach’s materials to ensure that they are representing their brand  and skillset accurately.  Just because an individual applies, does not mean they are automatically included. 

Everyone’s priorities are going to be different but there are a couple of factors you should consider. You should determine if a Coach has the services that best meets your needs. You may also want to evaluate if they have experience or working knowledge in the region you are relocating to. You should also review their website to get a clear idea of their scope of expertise. You may also want to evaluate what past clients have said about working with them.

Yes. By virtue of being a site called The Black Expat, our audience, in general is looking to connect with resources that may center on their racial/ethnic experiences.  We are, quite frankly,  fulfilling a request that we get asked alot by making it easier for our audience to find the right resource for them. 

Our Directory unfortunately is not a substitute for mental health counseling (including therapists, counsellors and psychologists). If you are looking for a Mental Health Counselor with a focus on expat populations, you may want to visit the internationaltherapistdirectory.com.

Yes. Each Coach sets their individually rates accordingly to their services. You will need to contact the Coach of your choice to discuss further. 

No. We do not receive payment for Clients who sign up with a Coaching Partner they found on this website. 

for prospective coaches

You first must complete an application. Your application will undergo a review including contacting your past client references. If your application is accepted, you will need to submit your payment,  sign the terms of agreement and provide requested information.  Once everything is completed, you will be notified when you profile is live.  If your application is not  accepted, you will receive email notification.

As a Coaching Partner, you will get to standout amongst the noise and be recognized as a vetted, trusted Coaching provider. In addition, you will raise your visibility in front of prospective or current Black expats. You will also be able to market your services at an affordable rate.

You must:

  • Be a Black or Brown expat Coach. 
  • Been Coaching for at least 12 months at the time of your application. 
  • Have an active, working website that clear identifies your business. (Social Media sites are not valid).  

Yes. There is an annual fee of $199 (USD).

No. The only fee is your annual membership listing in the Directory. 

If your application is rejected, you will have to wait 6 months before you resubmit.

At this time, the Directory is focused on expat coaching and the relocation process.  If the scope of your services focuses on predominately mental wellness, this will not be a good fit for you.

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