Black Lives Matter Chicago

People First, Nation Last

I’m not usually into labels, but there’s one that truly fits. You can call me a postnationalist.  Sure, I’ve been hating and disrespecting borders for

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Lock on a Red Door

Notes From an Expat Lockdown

Remember playing musical chairs?  Obviously, it’s been a while since you’ve played because we’ve all been quarantined for weeks. But do you remember that feeling

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Red Double Decker Bus in the UK

Crossing Borders

Once again, I find myself in a precarious situation. No longer a legal resident in the Netherlands, still certain I don’t want to return to

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Matheus Natan

Blackbird: Sisters in Flight

Black women. We stay on guard. We’re moving through spaces where we’re not welcome. We persist in times of oppression, invisibility, disregard and misunderstanding. We

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Life, Changing

About six months ago, I returned to my apartment in The Hague with a new sense of uncertainty. This small, one-bedroom apartment, in a city

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