Episode 37: Audra Gordon- "Be Bold"

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That’s truly the first word that comes to mind when I think about Hong Kong based  Audra Gordon. 

I mean, you have to be to take your banking career to Asia after reaching out to a complete  stranger on Linkedin.

Or to decide to do an overland  travel trip across West Africa with a rough idea of where you could go that depends on your personal network.

Or to leave the  aforementioned banking job, go to grad school and launch a fashion brand  and then maintain it during a pandemic and it’s notable challenges.

You definitely have to be a bit bold and audacious. And just might describe Audra to a T.

Her early years were spent in St. Vincent and the Grenadines where she was raised before joining her parents in New York where they had already emigrated.  And her career would take her to Europe, Africa and Asia. But as you listen to her story unfold, you will hear the impact of those  years, especially those in the Caribbean living with her  seamstress grandmother, would influence Beam Bold, her fashion brand. 

You will hear how a trip to Morocco would begin a love affair with the  African continent and be a key part of her business’s  social mission  — which has a focus on both sustainability and size inclusion.

But you’ll also hear the story of a woman who is wholly inquisitive and unafraid to pursue the interests and things she values.  Audra’s strength is in her ability to connect with people and cultures. She has an exciting aura that is warm, bright and effortless, much like her clothing she designs. 

Audra definitely radiates and  that becomes quite evident early on in this episode of The Global Chatter. 


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  • Her experiences as a Caribbean cross cultural kid in New York
  • The transition she made from banking to fashion design & entrepreneurship
  • Why both sustainability and size inclusion are important components of her business
  • The challenges she faced during the pandemic to keep her business afloat

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