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Ask TBE: Where can I find LGBTQ+ expat community abroad? / How do I downsize for a move abroad?

Disclaimer: You asked for advice. We’re providing it. But as with anything else, make sure you check with the actual professionals to make the right decision, especially when it comes to immigration.

Q: What’s the best way to connect with the gay and lesbian community abroad?

A: Thank you for reaching out and your question. Here’s what I would do if I’m trying to connect with LGBT expats abroad:

  • Social Media Groups: Find LGBTQ+ expat groups or forums on platforms like Facebook, Reddit, or specialized expat websites. If you know what country you’re interested in, you may have to search of LGBTQ + [country you’re interested in]. If you’re looking specifically for Black expat groups, you may have to join Black expat groups and try to find connections within there.  You can grab our free compiled list of Black Expat online communities. Unfortunately, there seem to be less Black LGBT specific groups on a quick search but you might also want to search Black travel groups as well. 
  • Xpat App: This is an app/community focused on the Black Expat/Traveller experience. There is a sub group for LGBTQIA members.  
  • Online Expat Communities: Engage with online communities and forums specifically for LGBTQ+ expats. Websites like Expatica or InterNations might have dedicated forums or groups where you can connect with others in similar situations.
  • Find Local LGBT Organizations: Research LGBTQ+ organizations or community centers in the area where you will be living. These organizations often host events, workshops, and social gatherings for LGBTQ+ individuals, including expats.  Look for LGBT-friendly events such as pride parades, film festivals, or cultural events in your host country. These events provide opportunities to meet and connect with other LGBT expats and locals who share similar interests. It will also give you a sense of how safe/open a community is. As you would expect, the harder to find those resources, the less safe a community might be.  [Although, there are some places that are more “tolerant” of foreign/expat LGBT individuals than they are of their own citizens. But that might not be the vibe you want to be a part of].
Good luck!

Q: Where can I find a moving checklist for moving abroad or guidance on how to downsize?

A: Moving houses can be a process. Moving to house a broad is even moreseo. It is a significant life transition that requires planning and organization. Whether you’re relocating for work, study, or a fresh start, ensuring a smooth move involves numerous details and decisions. From managing international logistics to downsizing your current belongings, the process can be overwhelming.

If you are looking for tips on how to downsize before an international move, these are the resources to consider. 

  • Expat Websites and Forums: Websites and forums dedicated to expatriates often have packing list sections where members share their experiences and suggestions. This can be hit or miss but worth a shot.
  • Social Media Groups: Facebook groups and other social media platforms focused on expatriates often have discussions and files shared containing packing lists and advice. If you haven’t already, we have a list of Black Expat groups online, that you may want to reach out to get perspective from your countries of interest. 
  • TBE Moving Checklist: Our Moving & Packing Checklists provide planning tips to coordinate moving houses and managing the packing details.These lists are comprehensive and cover everything from essential documents to household items.
Good luck!
Happy Planning!

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