A few years ago, we featured the story of Lea Wright, an Ethiopian adoptee, who recounted her experiences of grappling with race, identity and her place in the world.  She, like many, was trying to navigate unpack growing up in a family where she was figuring out both her Ethiopian heritage and American identity.  But ultimately, Lea determined that her identity was both, and that it was okay to be both. 

In the same vein, fellow adoptee  Anna Linde shared  similar struggles. Anna, who is a dance & movement therapist and intimacy coach in training, was born in Brazil but grew up in Stockholm as the only child of a Swedish couple.  As you can imagine, growing up as a Brown child in a Swedish community led to longing to understand more about herself and her own identity. 

In our discussion, much of the conversation is focused on the self-discoveries she made. We explore what it means to grow up Brown and Brazilian in a very white space.  She recounts the very first, and quite honestly, difficult experience visiting Brazil for the first time.  We also explore why decided to seek out and meet her biological family in Brazil and the unanticipated discoveries she made along the way. And boy did she make some discoveries.

Perhaps, more importantly, Anna shares how all of these experiences have contributed and continue to inform her personal development today.

"But when you're color blind or when you have a colorblind approach, it also means that you actually don't see or have the courage to face racism or other types of abuse because [of a different skin color or a different ethnicity]."

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Why’s she worldschooling her children in Portugal [03:21]

Why she thinks that being colorblind isn’t always the right approach [10:38]

Her first experience returning to Brazil as a teenager. [ 20:49]

The very honest answer she received when she asked about why she was put up for adoption. [30:12]

How her personal journey led her into pursuing becoming a counselor. [44:19]



You can find Anna on her website

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