Episode 50: Anjelica Malone - "The Calling"

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Six years ago, I met Anjelica Malone. I am pretty sure I came across her profile on Instagram and reached out to her.  Not only did we get connected but she wrote about her discovery and reflections of her third culture kid experiences. 

See, Anjelica grew up in a military family,  joined the Armed Forces herself and would marry her husband who was serving as well. That story, you’ll hear  in great detail shortly. But understand that moving frequently has been a constant in her life. 

Currently raising two bilingual TCKs with her husband Brett, Anjelica’s global upbringing  has deeply influenced her philosophy on family, work, and parenting. Her passion for birthwork began in 2010 while serving as a mentor in New York to pregnant refugee women.  This would eventually lead her to becoming a Certified Professional Midwife, Clinical Herbalist, and Certified Lactation Educator Counselor. 

In this episode, you will hear about the various postings across the world the mobile life has taken her and her family.  You’ll also hear why she launched Sol Midwifery and Wellness , a homebirth, lactation, and botanical medicine practice that serves women in her adopted home of Puerto Rico. 

As I mentioned before, I met Angelica when she was very early in  this new professional, and quite honestly, personal endeavor. And it’s absolutely fabulous just to see how far she’s come.

  • How living in Japan as a child became the earliest spark for her cross cultural life
  • Dealing with culture shock as a third culture kid returning to the U.S.
  • Why  a move to Buffalo changed her entire professional trajectory
  • How her thinking surrounding motherhood shifted once she moved to Puerto Rico
  • The ways she learned to managed expectations when it came to living in U.S. territories

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