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Ep:67 Alicia Partee- "Authentically Integrated"

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When we think about moving, unsurprisingly, we spend a lot of time thinking about the move itself. Planning to move to a new culture takes up alot of our physical time and emotional space.

But for those who have the experience of moving anywhere, you know it’s not always smooth. Don’t let social media fool you. It may always seem like people are having the time of their lives (and they could be), but it doesn’t mean there aren’t challenges that come with it. If you listened to either Juanita Ingram or Tamkara Adun, both of them highlighted the transitions they faced with their moves abroad.

Which makes sense why Alicia Partee launched Authentigrate, which aims to help her audience intentionally plan or emotional transition when living in a new culture or country.  After a career working across a variety of Fortune 500 companies and start-up organizations, Alicia found herself moving to Norway with her husband and quickly began to feel the impact of  stepping into a world that navigated differently from what she was familiar with. Alicia, who is a Transformational Coach, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, an Executive Pastor, Author and Entrepreneur, has leaned on her experiences and training to help others leverage those challenges into positive adventures. 

In this episode, the California native discusses how her professional career experiences strengthened her cross-cultural understanding and acumen. She discusses the culture shock of moving from Los Angeles to Norway and digs deep into why she’s building her brand to help others prepare for integrating in their new locations.


Alicia offers up some wisdom that can be applied across countries, the boardroom and everywhere in between, where different people and  cultures have the opportunity to meet.

  • How working  with diverse teams in California helped her build her cross cultural relational skills
  • The impact that value diversity can have on a creating a productive work culture
  • The difficulties she faced building a business while living in Norway
  • How she has taken her experiences to help others move well

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