Episode 51: Adrienne Waller - "Chasing the Different"

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I am going to imagine that if you were to work with Adrienne Waller and have her as a mentor, coach or supporter, she’d be authentic, genuine, humorous and a bit no-nonsense.  And to be fair, I’m not talking from experience as a client. But after hearing her tell her story, that’s the conclusion I’ve decided on. 

Adrienne is a native from Metro Detroit whose career has taken her around the world including Qatar, China and  Kuwait as an educational administrator. She also is the owner of Worldwide Educator, LLC, an education consulting company focused on empowering educators to own their instructional genius while activating students.  And while she may currently be in the  Cayman Islands, her chosen path hasn’t been a smooth ride. In fact, far from it.   

But Adrienne has no problem being honest about the struggles she has faced, if it will help others who are trying to chase their expat dreams. 

In this episode, Adrienne shares the moment she knew she had to make some changes in her own life, that included moving abroad.  She discusses her experiences of managing a layoff from her international job, in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic and how she  chose to pivot when her dream job disappeared.  She also demonstrates how the challenges have made her a better coach for her education clients. 

As Adrienne mentions in this episode, those challenges have been part  of her story And while she wouldn’t have chosen them, she doesn’t regret what they have taught her.   

  • Why her less than ideal experience at her first professional international posting was what she needed.
  • The reality of living in the Cayman Islands.
  • How she grouped after losing her dream job during the pandemic.
  • What a client told her  makes her coaching efforts worth it.

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