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8 Travel Themed Books for Your Black Expat Child

If you are raising a third culture/expat kid, or just planning on traveling, you can expect that it will be an adjustment. New food, new sites…new everything awaits. While it can be exciting, it can also be a little intimidating for your children.   One way is to easy the change is to read travel stories with your child. Reading children’s travel stories can help normalize these cross-cultural experiences. Here are some books for young children  written by Black expats and travelers that share the excitement of seeing new places and cultures. 

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In The Trip of Your Dreams, readers follow Ellie, an inquisitive young girl, as she explores all corners of the globe. Her travels start from the comfort of her bed as imagines the perfect trip.  Her imagination takes her to Sri Lanka, Turks & Caicos, France, Kenya, and more.  


Imani shares her dream of traveling around Africa with her cousin Kwame. Go on the journey with them as they visit seven countries in Africa. At each stop, Imani and Kwame visit some amazing sites. 


While most children her age need convincing to go to sleep, bedtime has always been Halima’s favorite part of the day. It’s when she can cozy up with her favorite bear, close her eyes, and drift off to places near and far in her very own hot air balloon. Halima’s hot air balloon can whisk her to a shooting star in the sky or even the end of a rainbow. After every adventure, she’s sure to always return to her very favorite place in the world.  


Kim Imani is a half-Black American and Korean girl, who recently moved with her family from the United States to South Korea. In this story, Kim Imani is learning to embrace both cultures as she adjusts to her new life in South Korea. She realizes that everything that she is, is magical.


The Traveling Child Goes To is a series based on two traveling sisters Jordyn and Kennedy. This particular story shares the various activities they completed while in Rio de Janeiro. These activities will educate your child on the city as well as encourage ideas for the next time your family might be in Brazil. 


Meet Xavier. He’s a lot like most children – he loves learning, grabs for his blanket and stuffed bear when he gets scared, and has a heart of pure gold. But something amazing happened to Xavier on a regular trip to the doctors, when he overcame his fears. Suddenly, Xavier received exceptional powers! Now with a wave of his hand, he is able to help out everyone in his community in no time at all.


The Traveling Toddler Goes to series follows the travel adventures of a toddler named JD. In this story, he is trying to find his beloved Beary, with beautiful Hungary as the backdrop. Read along as he looks for his bear and engage with the fun activities a long the way.    


The Amazing Adventures of Aya & Pete tells the stories of a little girl named Aya, who travels the world with her parents and her buddy, Pete. Whether they are trying croque-monsieur sandwiches in Paris or exploring Mayan ruins in Mexico, Aya and Pete are always ready for the adventure and excitement of exploring a new place.

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