This article was originally posted in February 2019 and was updated on March  28, 2022.

The expat storytelling  landscape is changing as  increasingly diverse perspectives are being shared. If you are looking for some diverse representation when it comes to talking about overseas life, it can be difficult to find podcasts that speak about the Black & Brown experience. To help you get started, we’ve compiled a list of Black expat related podcasts we’re currently listening to who give their wisdom on life abroad. Because we like to keep it fresh, here is an updated list of some of the podcasts we are listening to.

(And while you’re checking the awesome list below, be sure to visit The Black Expat’s own podcast, The Global Chatter for an ongoing conversation that focuses on international mobility, identity, race, career and more.)

I can say with confidence that this i sister-duo is a blast. ExpatImmigrant is hosted by Kat and Nat Anderson, two British sisters living abroad in France.  Their show is based on the ups and downs of the expat and immigrant experience.  Their conversations are both humorous and  insightful while giving, in their words “the highs and lows of the Expat Immigrant” experience.  Their energy is infectious and honestly, you’ll probably catch yourself laughing the entire time.

There are few podcasts that focus on international politics from the perspective of people of color. Black Diplomat aims to change that.  The weekly interview show takes on issues such as  immigration, policing, and protest movements through a globalized lens. Journalist and host Terrell J. Starr puts a limelight on voices that often aren’t heard or considered in international affairs. Starr, a US-Russian scholar, brings a nuanced view that is often missing in the mainstream media.   Given the current Ukraine-Russian conflict and the fact that he’s based in Kyiv, Ukraine, it’s clear why this platform is needed.

The first thing you’ll realize when listening to Picky Girls Travel host Adalia Aborisade is that she is straight to the point. Helpful, but straight to the point.  Think of the coach who says what needs to be said. Her podcast offers practical advice for those, especially Black women, who are seeking to build the life they want abroad, but on their own terms.  That said,  you should also expect engaging interviews as Adalia brings guests to share tips on how you can live your best travel (or expat) life on the move.

We definitely know that expats come in various forms. Global Take (with Black Professionals in International Affairs) engages Black professionals who share their perspectives on global issues. They also share how these global issues affect Black communities both domestically and internationally. You can expect guests ranging from former ambassadors to civil rights activists to global health officials. If you’re looking for how events abroad can have an impact, this might be the show for you

Educator, podcaster and travel enthusiast Charis Tucker highlights the study abroad stories of Black/African American students and industry professionals. While it can be easier to find stories from former study abroad participants, it’s also great to hear from professionals in the field.  Occasionally,  Charis  is joined by travelers whose experiences abroad have proven to be meaningful and influential in their lives today.   As travel starts to open up and study abroad programs open up again, this podcast can be a great start for the future study abroad students (or their  parents who might be a  little nervous about letting them go.)

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